University Blacks Donor Program

Every year, we receive many generous donations from our past players and supporters.

Donations are essential to the running of a Premier Division football club. We are pleased that we are able to offer our players first rate training practices and facilities, as well as the necessary level of support that these players require.

As a donor, you receive personal correspondance from the club thanking you for your gift. You will receive recognition in supporter emails, on the club website and in the following year's brochure. You will also receive special donors emails and offers throughout the year

We are also pleased that all donations over $2 are tax deductible, as we are a body of Melbourne University. Please see the following message from Tim Lee, Director of Melbourne University Sport.

"Donations to the University of Melbourne are tax deductible. Such donations can be directed to a particular body within the University, such as the University Blacks. You cannot receive any tangible benefits for your generosity, other than the financial benefit of the tax deduction."

How you can donate

To donate via donation form:

You can download the club's donation by following the link below. This can be emailed or mailed back to the club.

Download the Uni Blacks donation form PDF

To donate by credit card:

The below link takes you through to the Melbourne Uni Sport donation site. From there, you will be taken to the MU Sport Blacks Donation page, which will allow you to simply input your details and donate.

Click here to donate

To donate by cheque: Please email for the cheque donation form.

To make a direct, non-tax deductible donation:

Should you wish to donate to the club directly, you can do so by direct transfer. Please note that your donation will NOT BE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Details are:

University Blacks
BSB: 633-000
Acct: 136249455

And please email to advise of payment