The Blacks offer a range of activities and opportunities on and off the field.

As one of the strongest clubs in Premier B last season, the Uni Blacks is a great place to play your football, regardless of whether you want to play at a high level or socially. We have the coaching staff and some of the best local footy facilities in metropolitan Melbourne at our disposal to help our players get the most out of their football.

The Blacks also offer strong career and networking opportunities for players. Whether you're currently studying, looking for graduate work or wanting to take that next big step in your career, the network of professionals at the Blacks can help. 

Many of our sponsors are always on the lookout for graduates and ones that come from the Blacks are always held in high regard. We are proud to have placed a number of our players into jobs which allow them to further their careers and also continue playing footy.

Our annual Careers Night is a great way to start developing a network in any number of fields. From engineering and finance to law and property development, our past players and supporters are always open to chatting to current Blackers about their aspirations outside of football. 

Playing at the University Blacks is not just a decision which will benefit your football, but one which will benefit you for life.