Dale Bower signs on for A-Grade!

Friday 14 October 2022

Off the back of our successful campaign in 2022, with the Club obtaining promotion back to Premier division, it comes as no surprise that Senior Coach, Dale Bower, has re-committed for season 2023. The University Blacks Committee and playing group are delighted with this news.

After the culmination of the end-of-season festivities, the Committee moved quickly to discuss with its player leaders and Football Department, and came to the conclusion that Dale was clearly the best person to continue to lead the Club back into A-Grade. Under his leadership the Seniors have had 26 wins and 3 losses over 1 and a half seasons (2021 & 2022). 

Throughout the two difficult and challenging Covid seasons, Dale showed true commitment and determination to the Club - he was always ready with a plan for training and kept the playing group focused when the metaphorical 'goalposts were moved' with restriction changes and postponements/cancellations of games. His energy and efforts were plain for all to see as he continued this drive into 2022, with the clear mandate to get the Club back to A-Grade. 

Whilst being judged against that marker for success is an obvious tick, Dale has also been key to the Club's strategy and approach in player/coach recruitment. Always going the extra mile to chase down a lead, Dale's enthusiasm for Football and the Blacks never fails to shine through when engaged with him. 

When asked about his excitement for what is to come next year, Dale reflected on the journey he has had since joining the Club at the end of 2019, saying that "I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the friendships I’ve built since I started with the Blacks in late 2019, we have a great group of players, coaches, committee, support staff & volunteers." Riding the covid roller-coaster whilst in seat position 1A was never going to be an easy ask, with the uncertainty around player & coach retention never too far from front of mind. Nevertheless Dale has weathered the storm and guided the Blacks with a pragmatic and calm temperament, and it's that exact mindset that the playing group and broader Club are excited to see leading the way next season. 

Speaking about the 'step up' it will be for the Club in Premier, Dale remarked that it was just another part of the football journey at the Blacks that we all must be prepared to take on head first, just as we have done so throughout 2020/21. Not just content to make up the numbers next year and 'survive for a year' though, Dale made clear that "we want to make a massive impact and play finals next year". 

The signing of Dale for another season is a source of great confidence for the rest of the Club, its players and coaches included. From here the Committee will be looking to make further announcements about the make-up of the Football Department for 2023, as it takes shape over the next few weeks. 


Dale Bower signs on for A-Grade!

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