Isaac Anderson - 100 Blacks games

Friday 18 June 2021

Isaac Anderson reaches milestone after 11 fantastic years of Blacks football

After losing 2 Rounds of Football to the most recent lockdown, you could forgive Isaac Anderson for being impatient after playing his 99th Club game in Round 7 vs AJAX. However, something tells us that playing for the sake of milestones or individual accolades is something that has not once crossed Isaac’s mind; he is a down-to-earth, grounded guy that has managed to fit much into his last decade. 

Ando first came to the Blacks in 2010, after the classic combination of mutual friends and arm-twisting finally got him down to the Main. From there, Isaac immediately made an impact at the Club, playing every game that season in the Reserves. From here, Ando enjoyed a sublime few seasons, flourishing in his early 20s whilst the Club was experiencing a true golden patch, culminating in him being part of the 2014 Senior side that won the Club it’s first A-grade flag in 40 years. Former Captain, Bede Mahon, remembers Ando for his mix of “tenacity and skill”, whilst off-field his beaming smile is always front and centre at each training session, keen to chat about the current news and hear how his teammate’s day went.

“In Ando, the Club has not just gotten a player of immense value, but also the enduring support of his lovely family. What a pleasure it will be to see Ando notch up the century this weekend.”

Following the 2015 season, and an horrific facial injury in the 2016 Pre-season, Ando spent time overseas travelling and working with his amazing fiancé Laura. Particularly fond of the great outdoors, Ando is an absolutely consummate Blacks gentlemen; as fierce as they come on field, and 100% respectful off of it.

It would be remiss of us to not consult however with a crowd favourite here at the Blacks for the final word on Ando, with HQ managing to send a carrier pigeon to Sydney, and receive back none other than the great Jordan Foster’s take on Isaac and his upcoming milestone.

“I was lucky enough to end up at the Blacks around the same time Ando did, having lived and played footy together at Newman College. He is the kind of teammate you want alongside you, goes in and wins the contested footy, delivers it by foot with precision and importantly, makes the forwards look good. He’s also a really ripping bloke, a good friend of mine, and many other Blackers. He’s a kind, respectful young man that embodies the kind of person that the Blacks culture is built around.”

“I’m very grateful to share both the 2012 and 2014 double premierships with him, albeit neither of us playing in the same side in either year. To be a part of an A grade senior premiership is an amazing achievement and something ‘Pipes’ is extremely deserving of. No doubt it’ll be more of the same in his 100th, getting the job done with minimum fuss as he usually does. Go well great man!”

Thank you Foracle, and we all wish you, Ando, the very best for this weekend. Good luck!

Q and A with Isaac ahead of his 100th Blacks game:

How did you end up at the Club?

It was always meant to be, given in 2009 and first year Uni I went to Newman College where I met Jordan Foster. I was playing with Fitzroy at the time. The Blacks had tried to get Fos that year, but he was also playing for his home club in 2009. He was keen to get down to the blacks in 2010 and got in my ear about coming and joining him, after playing college footy together. 

Also at the end of 2009, my sister who is good friends with some of the Blackers of the day, got me to join them in the city one Friday night after work in the off season. After a few beverages and after expressing that I was pretty keen on footy, a napkin was promptly placed in front of me with some illegible handwriting stating that I, Isaac Anderson, would be joining for the Blacks for the 2010 season. I was happy to oblige with my signature and the rest is history.  

Favourite player to watch when growing up? 

Chris Judd. His ability to bust through a pack and his turn of speed was something I always was in awe of and wanted to try replicate. The fact that I was a Carlton supporter and got to see him do it in the navy blue in the later years is also a factor. 

Who has had the most influence on your career?

Dad always was and probably still is my no 1 fan. From driving multiple hours each week so i could play footy when we lived in the country, to finishing work early to take me to training across Melbourne, or going to training/rep camps on weekends. Dad gave me the opportunities to be the best footballer I could be and always gave me lots of encouragement. Also thanks Mum!

Thriftiest/biggest tightarse at the Club?

Lucky for us, everyone is pretty keen on buying a beer at the Blacks.   

Favourite subject at high school?

P.E as I just wanted to go play sports most of the time. But also I really enjoyed chemistry, I found it equal parts interesting and challenging. 

Favourite teammate?

I always loved playing and watching Jordy Foster at full flight. I do remember a game, sitting behind the goals with most of the 2s at the Newman College end, watching Foz bang on 4 or 5 goals on the same poor soul in one quarter. The self-commentary to the defender was also just as good. Similarly, playing with Bede Mahon as he turns a game around off of his own dominance is pretty special to be a part of. 

Any interesting pre game routines?

Nothing religiously. But I always like to give a good 5-10m sprint as I cross the white line on the way out before the game. 

If you could teleport anywhere in the world right now and holiday for a week covid free, where would it be?

Snowboarding at Nozawa Onsen in Japan. The snow is incredible and the food is just as good. Missing a whole ski season last year wasn't much fun but looking forward to the next one. 

Last book you read?

I can’t think past the pile of Fly Fishing magazines and books that sit on my bedside table.  

Last but not least, favourite blacks memory, on or off the field.

2014 A Grade Premiership as an on field memory. I was humbled to be part of a very special day out for not just the team playing but the entire club. Then probably into that same night for the off field memories. I won’t forget that weekend any time soon. 


Isaac Anderson - 100 Blacks games

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