Concave Boots join as sponsors for 2020

Thursday 04 June 2020

Concave Boots a new sponsor for University Blacks

We are very pleased to announce that Concave Boots are a terrific new sponsor of the University Blacks Football Club. It's a sponsorship that will directly benefit three parties – the Club, Concave, and most importantly the players.

Why Concave?

Concave is an Australian company, that initially as an R&D company invented and internationally patented a new feature for football boots. There is scientific evidence and university testing that the design improves accuracy and power. Not by 100%, but across a season even a small benefit matters. It's in the name concave. In an egg and spoon race, would you choose to carry the egg on the convex back of the spoon, or the concave front?

With early versions of the boot there was some comfort factors on the top of the foot, but now Dylan Shiel and Ed Curnow run 15 kilometres a game in them, so that’s no longer an issue. A Brownlow Medalist quietly wore them in seven games without being paid. An international captain wore them in a European Cup final. So they stand up to professional scrutiny.

The benefit to our Uni Blacks playing group:

You will receive a 20% discount on Concave boots. The company has a range of boots with prices in line with the major brands. Top of the range is the Halo, RRP is $260, so you save $52. The next level is their engineered synthetic version, RRP is $220, you save $44.

The benefit to the Club:

The club will receive a 10% rebate on the boots you buy. Every year is financially tight for us and most other Amateur clubs, but for this and next year every dollar counts. So any contribution is appreciated. In addition once normality resumes there will be player awards of Concave gear, another saving for the club.

The benefit to Concave:

Being associated with our great Club and selling some boots. Concave has picked on some monster global brands at which to take a swing. So every satisfied footballer or soccer player wearing Concave is spreading the word that this Melbourne based company is doing it better than any of them. 

 What has happened at Uni Blacks so far?

Nothing works better than a genuine referral. So Tom Swift and Matt Dea were sent a few weeks back to be our own test dummies. Both have offered glowing praise. Further praise from AFL stars can be found on this PDF =>

What happens now?

Normally, Concave would have announced the sponsorship to the whole group at a training night, shown the boots and explained the methods of purchase. That will happen, but right now we are all remaining super vigilant to comply with the current level of restrictions. Nevertheless, as some of you might be in the market for boots now, we have kicked off the arrangement. These are your options:

  1. Visit Concave at 4th floor, 91 Murphy St Richmond. Ring or email Andrew Theoklitos first to ensure a warm welcome, 0409 707 777 and   Alternatively you can call James Otto on 0409 187 754 . 
  2. If you know your size and buy on line, the link is and use the discount code for the Blacks -  MUBFC.  If the sizing isn’t quite right you can exchange.

We are excited about the future partnership between the Club and Concave, and look forward to seeing some more Blackers tearing up the Uni Main in Concave boots in the future!

Concave Boots join as sponsors for 2020

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