'The Blackest Blacker' wine launch

Friday 22 March 2019

The University Blacks are excited to announce a new initiative this year, producing their own wine label, 'The Blackest Blacker'.

The mighty Pavvy, built in the shadow of the gold rush, opened in 1906. It’s likely the timber sourced to build the original Pavvy came  from the box-ironbark forest on the fringes of Bendigo. It is this soil of the region that is rich with history, not dissimilar to the iconic turret of the Pavvy. 

In 1950 the Pavvy was struck by a disastrous fire, but the turret survived. Similar to the phoenix, the Pavvy rose from the ashes. 
Opening in 2014 after the receiving a modern upgrade, the Pavvy was alive and once again the turret survived. 

It is this guts and determination that epitomises the Blacker’s spirit. It is this resilience to defeat that the wine is named after.

The Pavvy’s turret has seen more Blacks’ victories and spent more winters watching footy than anyone. That is why we named our delicious wine The Blackest Blacker.

The design is based on the long proud history of the club; formed in 1921 and collected premierships since. The timeless design transports the consumer to a by-gone era, with the intention to be consumed while reminiscing over the contributors that make such a great club so unique.

It is set out on a five-way grid. This design came about from the five iconic windows from the old Pavvy. For those who need assistance remembering, they were the windows Andy Smith so diligently kept time from prior to the latest renovation. 

The hand drawn sketch is based on an image that featured in the Melbourne University Magazine, Vol II, No. 3, October 1908 and was sourced from an article written by Cecily Close in 1999.

The phoenix featured in the top right is a symbol of exclusivity. It is hand sketched based on the Blacks logo.

Tasting Notes

Bendigo Syrah 2018
From the Victorian heartland and great breeding ground of former greats. Notice the density of the wine and the spicy oak and black plum and herbs. It’s labelled Syrah to suggest there are silky velvet tannins, and an elegance that only true Blackers can appreciate. This is art. Long finish. Drink 2019 - 2022. 

Yarra Valley Rosé 2018
Dazzlingly dry and delightfully delicious, it leaps from the glass with spectacular red fruit razzle dazzle - raspberry, strawberry, Wilson - all the big names. The light pink hue is a great indication of it’s provenance, French in style but a classy entertainer on the couch or in the company of good friends. Drink this year. 

Pricing options

Option 1 ($300) - includes 1 x case of 12 bottles (8 x bottles of Bendigo Syrah and 4 x bottles of Yarra Valley Rosé), plus donate your $50 discount to support the Uni Blacks.

Option 2 ($250) - Option 2. $250 includes 1 x case of 12 bottles (8 x bottles of Bendigo Syrah and 4 x bottles of Yarra Valley Rosé) and a discount of $50 off the RRP of $300.

The Blackest Blacker can be purchased via the Uni Blacks online store, visit shop.uniblacks.org.au

'The Blackest Blacker' wine launch

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