Steadman leads way in GT Moore Medal

Wednesday 05 September 2018

Josh Steadman has led the Uni Blacks’ charge in the 2018 GT Moore Medal count, polling 15 votes for the season.

The ruckman was one of the Blacks’ most consistent performers throughout the 2018 home and away fixture, with a best on ground performance against Parkdale Vultures in Round 2 setting up what was an excellent year where he featured in the votes eight times.

Jarrod Carlson was the second-highest vote-getter in his first year at the Uni Main, collecting 13 votes including three best-on-ground performances.

Lochie Donrauf (12 votes in eight games) and Hugh Curnow (11 votes with three best-on-grounds) were the other Blackers in double-figures at the end of the count. 

Eight other players featured in proceedings, including Lachlan Huntington, Jordan Quaile, skipper Bede Mahon and Joel Ernest.

St Bernards’ Chad Jones was a runaway winner, polling 29 votes on the back of kicking over 100 goals this season. 

Uni Blacks votes - 2018 GT Moore Medal

  3 votes 2 votes 1 vote
Round 1 vs Mazenod Carlson Dornauf Steadman
Round 2 vs Parkdale Vultures Steadman    Dornauf
Round 3 vs AJAX Dornauf Haysman Knight
Round 4 vs Monash Blues Huntington Mahon Quaile
Round 5 vs Beaumaris Carlson Knight Dornauf
Round 6 vs Caulfield Grammarians Quaile Carlson Dornauf
Round 7 vs St Bernards      
Round 8 vs Old Carey Mahon   Haysman
Round 9 vs Old Haileybury Huntington Dornauf Steadman
Round 10 vs AJAX Richardson Steadman  
Round 11 vs Monash Blues Huntington Steadman Dornauf
Round 12 vs St Bernards   Ernest  
Round 13 vs Caulfield Grammarians Carlson Steadman Dornauf
Round 14 vs Old Carey   Quaile  
Round 15 vs Old Haileybury Curnow Carlson  
Round 16 vs Parkdale Vultures Curnow Steadman Beasley
Round 17 vs Beaumaris Curnow Steadman Quaile
Round 18 vs Mazenod Ernest Curnow Beasley


15 votes - Steadman
13 votes - Carlson 
12 votes - Dornauf 
11 votes - Curnow 
9 votes - Huntington
7 votes - Quaile
5 votes - Mahon, Ernest
3 votes - Haysman, Richardson, Knight
2 votes - Beasley


Steadman leads way in GT Moore Medal

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