2018 - Blacks Wrap Up - Round 6

Sunday 13 May 2018


The University Blacks settled back in at their home ground and prepared themselves for their next big test against the impressive Caulfield Grammarians. The Blacks entered the match undefeated, while Caulfield entered the match only having suffered the one defeat. Fans from both sides were set for a great clash of amateur football.

Unlike previous Blacks games the first quarter was free flowing and high scoring with a total of nine goals kicked between the two teams. The game was being played in a brutally physical fashion! Both teams were putting their body on line in a great display of commitment, with nothing untoward from either side. The Blacks went into the quarter time break up by 6 points and knowing that it was going to take a big effort if they wanted to claim the win.

The second quarter was just as physical as the first with players going down left, right and centre with concussions. It looked as though the Blacks might blow the game open with ten scoring shots in the second quarter, but bad kicking saw them only kick three goals from these scoring shots. What was pleasing though was the tight defense being displayed from the Blacks with the likes of Campbell Moorfield and 100-gamer Jacob Gardiner repelling anything that came their way. At halftime the Blacks had managed to extend their lead to 19 points.

The resumption of play in the third quarter saw more of the same of the first half with both the Blacks and Caulfield exchanging goals back and forth. The Blacks did manage to kick the one extra goal compared to Caulfield and go into the final break with a 22-point lead.

With no bench left many could be forgiven in thinking that Caulfield would drop away and hand the Blacks an easy win. However they displayed amazing grit and hardness by continuing to press the Blacks all the way. This grit saw Caulfield outscore the Blacks in the last quarter.

But the win belonged to the Blacks especially after a daring and flashy play from the one and only Lochy ‘Hollywood’ Dornauf!! A tough fought match the Blacks will gladly take the 14-point victory! The man called ‘Hollywood’ was immense kicking six goals and getting best afield, while the likes of Jarrod Carlson, Jordan Quaile and Joshua Steadman played massively important roles in sealing the win for the Blacks.

A trip to the Snake Pit against St Bernards awaits the undefeated Blacks and as Brian Taylor would say ‘Boy Oh Boy’ are we in for a big match!

Uni Blacks 15.13.103 defeated Caulfield Grammarians 13.11.89   

Goal Kickers - L. Dornauf 6, J. Carlson 2, J. Beasley 2, M. Burt, L. Vescio, J. Quaile, L. Huntington, J. Vrodos

Best Players – L. Dornauf, J. Quaile, C. Moorfield, J. Steadman, J. Carlson, J. Vrodos


Uni Blacks 9.9.63 defeated Caulfield Grammarians 7.5.47

Goal Kickers – M. Rowlands 3, S. Myers 2, J. Di Nezza 2, W. Mills, J. Kimpton

Best Players – J. Kimpton, D. Arnold, M. Rowlands, C. Bowden, A. Hayward, P. Aitken


Phoenix 7.8.50 defeated Old Xaverians Black 7.5.47

Goal Kickers – O. Hicks 2, D. Cooper, M. Kelly, P. Eaton, C. Farrell, H. Bennett

Best Players – C. Farrell, W. O'Brien, O. Hicks, M. Kelly, R. Cleary, J. Bowden

Under 19’s

Uni Blacks 11.13.79 defeated by Old Melburnians 15.7.97

Goal Kickers – J. Reynolds 3, J. Perks 2, K. Dawborn, R. Wheelhouse, W. Jackson, J. Petherick, C. Welsh, D. Taberner

Best Players – J. Reynolds, X. Fitzgerald, J. Saliakos, C. Direen, C. Welsh, J. Petherick

2018 - Blacks Wrap Up - Round 6

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