2018 - Blacks Wrap Up - Round 4

Sunday 29 April 2018


The University Main Oval played host to the round 4 clash between the undefeated University Blacks and the winless Monash Blues. In the absence of the University Blues, this was to shape as the Blacks home derby match for the year.

The Blacks made sure from the get go that the season from hell for Monash would continue for another week. Goals were coming thick and fast and in an unusual display of accurate kicking the Blacks managed to pile on 9 goals, while only allowing Monash a solitary point. John Vrodos was looking incredibly dangerous early and helped himself to a couple of goals in the first quarter.

The Blacks defence again proved miserly only allowing Monash another point to bring their total score up to 2, while adding another 7 goals of their own to go into the half time break with a commanding 99 point lead. Hugh Curnow and Jordan Quaile were getting heavily involved across the ground and Chris Carson was driving many forward passages from the half back flank.

The third quarter continued on in the same fashion as the first two quarters with the Blacks extending the margin to 143 points. Many could be forgiven for thinking that after three quarters of heavy scoring against them that Monash would give up and let the last quarter follow in the same vein as the rest of the game. But to the credit of the Monash boys they experienced their best quarter at the end of the game kicking their first goal for the game and only allowing the Blacks to add three more to their total tally.

By the end of the game the Blacks had experienced a 154-point win and had many winners across the ground. VAFA Premier B leading goal kicker Lachlan Huntington added another six goals to his account in what is proving to be a revelation season for the young man.

Uni Blacks 26.11.167 defeated Monash Blues 1.7.13      

Goal Kickers - L. Huntington 6, J. Vrodos 5, J. Beasley 4, L. Dornauf 2, H. Curnow 2, H. King, M. Burt, S. Bennett, C. Richardson, J. Steadman, L. Vescio, J. Quaile

Best Players - J. Vrodos, C. Carson, H. Curnow, L. Vescio, J. Steadman, J. Quaile


The Blacks were keen to continue on their winning ways and were excited to welcome Richmond VFL listed player Joel Ernest in to the team for his first game of the year.

Monash though showed early that they were going to make things difficult and made the Blacks work hard in the first quarter for a narrow 10-point lead. The second quarter was a different story with the Blacks starting to get more rhythm and adding five goals to their overall account. Will Mills was showing his trademark dash and Stephen Flight was proving that his left foot kick is still one of the best in the business.

The third quarter was played in a similar fashion to the first quarter with Monash making the game a tough, contested tussle. It proved to be a bad quarter for the Blacks as they were outscored for the first time this season and gave Monash some confidence heading in to the final break for the match.

The Blacks though asserted their dominance in the last quarter and like the second quarter added another five goals to their total score. By the end of days play the Blacks had managed to get themselves a convincing 61 point win over a spirited Monash unit.  

Uni Blacks 13.13.91 defeated Monash Blues 4.6.30

Goal Kickers – J. Fuller 2, S. Myers 2, J. Kimpton 2, T. Cousins 2, M. Rowlands 2, T. Monkhouse, T. Peyton, P. Aitken

Best Players - W. Mills, S. Flight, S. Dadswell, J. Ernest, T. Peyton, J. Tunbridge


Phoenix 6.6.42 defeated by St Kevins Gold 9.14.68

Goal Kickers – B. Peters 2, D. Restrepo 2, J. Di Nezza, O. Hicks

Best Players - D. Foott, J. Di Nezza, R. Cleary, O. Hicks, N. Cibiras, B. Peters

Under 19’s

Uni Blacks 9.10.64 defeated by St Bedes/Mentone Tigers 11.12.78

Goal Kickers – S. Laube 4, J. Saliakos 2, L. Lawrence, P. Milner, L. Sevior

Best Players – K. Dawborn, L. Sevior, C. Direen, M. Gray, S. Laube, D. Curnow

2018 - Blacks Wrap Up - Round 4

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